Announcing the Best Authentic Thai Food, Noodle Soup & Vegetarian Restaurant is in Coppell, Texas Yummy Thai.


Coppell, Texas — May 01, 2021 — Tommy Vu, President of Yummy Thai Authentic Thai Food, Noodle Soup & Vegetarian Restaurant, and Bar is pleased to announce that the best Authentic Thai food restaurant is now open in Coppell, Texas. Serving authentic and delicious Thai dishes, Yummy Thai it offers to dine in service; carry out, delivery and catering. Online ordering is also available through the restaurant’s website.

Yummy Thai brings the legitimate taste of Thailand to Texas by serving only genuine dishes to entice all Thai food lovers in the Coppell area. Mr. Vu and his staff use only the freshest ingredients and richest spices to bring out the best flavor in their dishes. Yummy Thai’s Pad Thai and creamy curry selections are in a class of their own, as is their aromatic Tom Kha.

While Yummy Thai’s food is second to none as far as quality and taste, the prices remain reasonable and the restaurant’s service is outstanding. They offer a full lunch menu, which is served Monday through Friday from 11 am to 3 pm, and dinner is available nightly.

Ingredients that help make Yummy Thai’s food authentic include galangal, coriander, lemongrass; lime leaves (kaffir), shrimp paste, fish sauce, and chilies. Plus, they also use palm sugar to help sweeten dishes while mixing lime and tamarind to add a bit of a sour note for that special Thai favor. Meats used by the restaurant include pork, chicken, duck, beef, and water buffalo. With a reliable source of fresh fish, Yummy Thai uses fish that that mostly comes from streams giving it excellent quality and flavor. Of course, they also serve rice, noodles, and other starches.

Thai food is traditionally spicy, but Yummy Thai offers different degrees of seasoning in their recipes to satisfy all preferences. The selection of recipes is also very varied, assuring there is always something for everyone. From different soups, noodle dishes, fried or broiled dishes, the variety of flavors are endless. Yummy Thai’s meat and fish dishes are delectable, but for those preferring vegetarian fare, there are plenty of meatless options as well.

Located in the Dallas area, Coppell, Texas is an emerging city that houses several Fortune 500 companies including Exxon Mobile and Kimberly-Clark. With its growing and diverse population, Coppell is the perfect place for a restaurant like Yummy Thai, catering to food-conscious customers that appreciate exotic and flavorful cuisine.

Tommy Vu
140 W Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #100
Coppell, TX 75019

Phone: 972-304-0004