Lovely Thai Dumplings

Lovely Thai Dumplings

Thai dumplings are the ultimate melt in your mouth appetizers. Thai chefs took a traditional Chinese dumpling recipe and altered it to suit the Thai flavor palate and ingredients. Also known as gold purses or golden bags, thung thong is crispy Thai dumplings with water chestnuts, green onions, mushrooms, and ground pork or chicken. The ingredients used for the filling are the first sauteed with soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and sugar. Apart from this main filling, thung thong can additionally enrich with an aromatic paste made with garlic, peppercorns, and coriander roots or stems. These tasty dumplings you fry until golden brown, and when done, it recommends serving them with sweet chili sauce on the side.

Thai Dumplings: Chinese Meat Dumplings

Usually, Thailanders were very much influenced by the Chinese regarding food, that’s why they love to eat Chinese food, and they adopted Chinese dumplings as one of the Thai dumplings. Chinese Dumplings have filled with ground pork or beef, cabbage, bamboo shoots, scallions, ginger, and garlic are a popular dish at dim sum restaurants and Chinese New Year celebrations. Serve them as an appetizer, with a smooth, tangy dipping sauce made from soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. One of the perks of living in Beijing is having the various options of delicious dumplings from grocery stores. 

Caribbean Cornmeal Dumplings

Thailanders also love these Caribbean cornmeal dumplings and consider them one of the Thai Dumplings- they are airy and light, with a hint of sweetness and spice from cinnamon and sugar in the batter. They make a delicious addition to fish chowders, oxtail soup, or just about any Caribbean stew. Cornmeal dumplings make a versatile accompaniment to just about any Caribbean meal. They’re hearty and filling on their own, but you can eat with sautéed salt fish or a saucy stew. Make smaller dumplings and add them to your soup—there’s no end to what you can do with them. This simple recipe will satisfy your whole family no matter how you decide to use the dumplings.

Thai Dumplings (steamed) With Dipping Sauce 

In Thailand, the influence of Chinese food and culture you can find at every turn. Chinese dumplings, like these, are enjoyed in Bangkok as well as other locales. If serving to company, batches can be made and steamed ahead of time, then covered (or left in the steamer) and placed in the refrigerator. Then re-steam for a few minutes and serve. This dumpling makes a beautiful dish for dinner with a salad, or weekend dim sum. Steamed wonton-style dumplings filled with sliced chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and Thai flavorings, make a wonderful light dinner in summer, or a winning buffet appetizer with the included dipping sauce.

Polish Potato-Cheese Thai Dumplings (Pierogi Ruskie)

Polish pierogi dumplings have gained worldwide popularity in recent years. In Thailand, they enjoyed eating this dish and consider one of the loved Thai Dumplings. What’s not to like about soft, doughy dumplings with savory a potato and cheese filling? Make a big batch in about an hour, to enjoy topped with sour cream, and optional crumbled bacon.

Turkish Meat Dumplings With Garlic Yogurt (Kayseri Mantis)

Like Italian ravioli, Turkish meat dumplings (manti) are a tasty national dish with a storied history. Because Thailanders love to eat savory food, they discovered and served these dumplings on their table. They contemplate this Turkish Meat Dumplings to served as one of the Thai Dumplings Use store-bought wonton wrappers to enclose the homemade spiced meat and onion filling. Boil these savory parcels in broth, and help with a delicious mix of garlic-infused yogurt and sweet, tangy tomato sauce.

Thanksgiving Thai Dumplings

These Asian-inspired Thanksgiving dumplings are an excellent way to use all the delicious leftovers from a holiday dinner. There are no set rules as to what you include in your pockets of dough—everything from stuffing to cranberry sauce is fair game. They are sautéed and steamed in the same manner as Chinese potstickers.

Vegan and Vegetarian Pumpkin Dumplings

Vegan and vegetarian pumpkin-filled dumplings make a fabulous first course for autumn dinners or an inspired appetizer for Halloween parties. Make them easily using canned pumpkin puree and a few other ingredients. Pumpkin-filled dumplings are a fun and unique recipe to serve as a Halloween party appetizer, a vegetarian Thanksgiving entree, or a fall dinner. Use fresh steamed or canned pumpkin puree for these vegetarian and vegan dumplings or go for an entirely different squash. Add a sprinkle of cheese or use a vegan soy cheese and vegan margarine to keep this recipe vegan.

Lithuanian Zeppelin Dumplings (Cepelinai)

Thailanders love a variety of foods, that’s why they again give birth to these kinds of dumplings as one of the Thai Dumplings. While they do take some time to make, they are well worth the effort. Also note, you need to prepare the potatoes two ways: peeled and grated and then peeled, boiled and riced. You’ll likely want to use a potato ricer for that step. Use your favorite ground meat combination for the recipe. You can use all ground pork or a meatloaf style mixture of pork, beef, and veal. If you don’t eat meat, you could make another variety of dumplings that are potato-cheese cepelina. Hearty, football-shaped zeppelin dumplings are a popular dish in Lithuania. Potatoes are grated along with onion and formed into a dough, filled with meat, boiled, and served with sour cream.

German Dumplings With Vanilla Sauce (Dampfnudeln)

Germans often bypass traditional savory foods for dinner and fill up with noodles or dumplings sweetened with fruit compote and vanilla sauce. Americans might call this skipping the meal and just cutting to the dessert. These dumplings are poached in sweetened milk that caramelizes on the bottom, which gives them a nice, chewy bite with soft insides. The rich, creamy vanilla sauce they swim in really puts them over the top. Yeasty, round dumplings simmered in sweetened milk, and doused with creamy vanilla sauce are a German delicacy you can make at home and enjoy a continental-style dessert. They are best to eat immediately after cooking!!

Pun Sip Neung Savoury Steamed Dumplings

These tasty, steamed dumplings allude to the Chinese influence in Thai cooking. Chefs prepare the filling using chicken or fish—the recipe below uses chicken. Serve these dumplings with a soupy noodle dish or enjoy them as a snack. This dish is tame if the red chili is omitted from the garnish and is ideal for those who do not take spicy food. If not serving with the chopped red chili, a dip of sweet chili sauce makes an excellent substitute.

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