9 Famous Thai Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

9 Famous Thai Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Thailand is a very beautiful country, admired for its culture and cuisine. That’s why a lot of foreigners like to visit the country whenever they have the chance. If you intend to go there in April or in May which are by the way the hottest months in the country, having Thai Drinks to cool down yourself would be a lot of help especially when you plan on going around the city.

We will be talking about numerous colorful and sweet Thai Drinks that attract tourists when they need liquid to quench their thirst.

Pandan Juice or Nam Bai Toey

Pandan leaves are very useful in cooking because of its good smell. That’s why Thais use the leaves in their cuisine. And the good news is, you can make pandan juice to quench your thirst and not only that, it is also a healthy drink. So if you never have this drink in your whole life, this is definitely a must-try when you go to the Land of Smiles. 

Thai Iced Coffee or O-liang

Hot coffee is enjoyed during the cold weather. Just by thinking of the sweet smell and aroma.of the brewed coffee makes my palate crave for it. However, if you are in Thailand in their hottest weather, drinking hot coffee is not advisable. Good thing Thailand has O-liang or Thai Iced Coffee which refreshes you with the unbearing hot weather of the country. Coffee lovers would surely love O-liang sweating in ice and one of the famous Thai Drinks that foreigners like buying. 

Iced Cocoa or Coco Yen

While people are walking around, waiting for their rides, or chit-chatting with their friends, Coco Yen is among the Thai Drinks they want to have to freshen up themselves. This Thai Drink is a mixture of cocoa, water, and sugar. Sometimes Milo or Ovaltine are used in making this drink since it is the alternative to cocoa in Thailand. 

Sugarcane Juice or Nam Oy

Sugarcane juice is the sweetest among the Thai Drinks that’s why it is hard to swallow so you can savor the taste when taking a sip.  

Thai Drinks: Butterfly Pea or Nam Anchan 

Among the colorful Thai Drinks, Butterfly Pea is the most attractive beverage you can see on the street because of its clear blue color. It changes its color from blue to purple when you mix lime, soda, or honey in it. It is also called “Blue Tea” and a caffeine-free herbal tea. Nam Anchan is from the extraction of the petals of Blue Tea Flowers or Asian pigeonwings.

Bael Juice or Nam Matoom

Bael Juice is one of the healthy Thai Drinks so you are shooting two birds in one stone when you drink this liquid because you are not only cooling yourself from the heat of the sun but you are also getting the health benefits of the beverage. 

Pink Milk

Is pink your favorite color? Do you like everything to be in pink? Even your food and drinks should be this color? Well for sure you will adore Pink Milk. There are many colorful Thai Drinks you can buy anywhere in the city and Pink Milk is one of them. It is composed of milk, red syrup (which becomes pink when diluted with water), water, and sweetened condensed milk.

Thai Iced Tea or Cha Yen

Contrary to coffee lovers, some people prefer to drink tea, and Cha Yen would be a nice choice to cool down yourself and recharge from the heat. Vendors sell different Thai Drinks and for Cha Yen, they use condensed and evaporated milk together with Cha Dra Muer-a Thai Tea brand (meaning the number one brand) in preparing this refreshing drink.

Lime Iced Tea or Cha Manao: Thai Drinks

Another invigorating among the Thai Drinks is Cha Manao or Lime Iced Tea. If you don’t like the sweet flavor of your tea like Cha Yen, Cha Manao would be an excellent option. When making the drink, instead of putting the milk, lime juice is mixed into the beverage.

There are a wide range of sweet Thai Drinks you can add to your must-drink list. And if you are already in Thailand, explore their streets and restaurants and you will discover a lot more of their culinary and beverages. 

Thank you for reading 9 Famous Thai Drinks to Quench Your Thirst. Always remember, if you need to satisfy your thirst with an amazing Thai drink, just visit us!

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